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We have an incredible course!

There is no other race like it.  This isn't a bunch of wimpy obstacles made of plywood and 2 x 4's.  

You will be scaling ravines and climbing walls, traversing a creek several times (balance beams! suspension bridge!), crawling over mammoth trees and logs, running through a scenic vineyard, and plummeting down a 100 foot mud slide.  And you've still got a long way to go (see below)....


5K-Course-Map 2


1) 5K The Hard Way Bus
Have you ever run up and over a huge psychedelic bus?  Check that off your bucket list.   

2) Power Plunge and Fireman Climb 
 Jump into our refreshing creek and on the other side you'll be greeted with a very unique ladder wall. 

3) The First of Many Creek Crossings
You better get good at crossing creeks.  Seriously.     

4) Goodyear Canyon  
Venture down a steep ravine loaded with treacherous tire obstacles and a cargo climb. 

5) Arc de Tree-umph! 
Pardon our French.  Scale a giant ravine, and parade through a tree arch (built my Mother Nature herself).  

6) Tee Time  
We give you a little break here as you run across Valley View's beautiful top 9.  

7) The Long and Wine-ding Road  
You get to weave in and out of the Valley View Vineyard

8) Lou cRawls  
Most of you don't even know who Lou Rawls is.  And it's a bad pun, regardless.  You're going to be crawling on your hands and knees.  That's really all you need to know. 

9) Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the JUNGLE, baby!  We want to hear you scream

10) Hundred Foot Water Slide
This is our soon-to-be-famous, signature obstacle. Enjoy your ride down the 100-foot water slide into the monstrous mud pit. 

11) The Monster Lounge
Feeling a little run down?  Take a little break and enjoy some music, good company, and some Knukle Energy Drink. 

12) Bridge Over Troubled Water
You've got a choice to make.  Take "The Easy Way" and traverse a tricky suspension bridge, or choose "The Hard Way" and plunge right into the creek and scale the steep bank.   

13) Tree Maze
 Scramble over, under, and through giant trees and logs.

14 & 15) Creek Crossing.....again & again

16) TunnelVision
You can take "The Easy Way" and climb through a 20 ft. tunnel suspended over the creek, or you can take "The Hard Way" and plunge into the creek and use ropes to scale the steep wall on the other side.   

17) Beaver Balance Beams
You'll be walking on a balance beam suspended over a giant beaver dam.  Look down and you just might see some of our infamous beavers.

18) Jungle Jim 
It's climbing time.  This is an 18 foot climbing wall that spans the creek.  And it's name is Jim. 

19) Old Faithful
Slip into the creek for a little crawl through culverts, while surrounded by blasting geyers of water. 

20) The Hard Way Mud Pit & Brand New Foam Wall!
Hey, we just wanted to make sure you got muddy. And Foamy!  OK?